New York’s New Criminal Justice Reforms Need Reform

With the New Year quickly approaching, the vast majority of law-abiding New Yorkers are deeply concerned about the criminal justice reforms set to take effect on January 1st, 2020.

Civil disorder or social justice? We’re sliding back to the bad old days.

Friday night’s anti-police demonstrations in downtown Brooklyn are just the latest example of New York City’s return to the bad old days.

Mother Cabrini got the votes — but not the statue. Why?

Once again, political correctness and a far left bias have crept into a process that should be focused on historical standing and accomplishments.

No Mayoral Control extension without state hearings

The legislature has a fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers, and a moral one to our 1.1 million public school children to investigate and demand answers to questions about DOE’s spending practices before Mayoral Control is extended.

Why de Blasio’s presidential roadshow is such a laugh

Someone should remind him that a prerequisite of any run for higher office is, usually, success in your current job. It’s becoming abundantly clear that, after five years of the de Blasio administration’s progressive policies, the city is in trouble.

We’re paying a price for the de Blasio-Cuomo spending binge

Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo really are clueless; New Yorkers aren't leaving our state because of the weather. New York's income tax revenue didn't drop because of Washington.

Immigration deal or no deal? America’s watching

As the daughter of immigrants from Greece and Castro’s Cuba, I appreciate that the United States has the most generous immigration policy in the world. But as Democratic President Obama said in 2014, “even as we are a nation of immigrants, we’re also a nation of laws.”

A 21st Century Transit System Requires Bold Leadership, New Ideas

In 2012, I stood on the Assembly floor and warned my colleagues that raising the MTA’s debt limit by $7 billion to $37 billion was unsustainable and would lead to toll and fare hikes and service cuts.

Amazon Giveaways Show Cuomo, de Blasio Need Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’

Like many New Yorkers, I want Amazon to come to our state and its job creation to benefit our residents. You'd be hard pressed to find a city or state in America that would not welcome the economic activity created by capitalism.