Dear Friend,

My parents came to America from Greece and Cuba in search of a better life. They became small business owners in Brooklyn and bought a home on Staten Island. In short, they lived the American Dream. More and more, it seems the 2020 election will be about whether we preserve the American Dream for future generations or move more toward the destructive, regressive policies of socialism.

More than ever before, we need No Nonsense Leadership in Washington, D.C.

In the State Assembly, I’ve worked to find commonsense solutions to the issues that matter most on Staten Island and in Southern Brooklyn. And I’ve been a reliable voice defending my constituents against the regressive policies advanced in both Albany and City Hall!


I’m proud to have restored express and local bus service for local neighborhoods and helped hundreds of families rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. I’ve delivered record education funding and held City Hall accountable for its failed management of our schools. In the State Assembly, I made New York a national model in the treatment of opioid addiction, expanded funding for senior programs and protected mental health services for our returning veterans.

As a member of Congress, I will do even more to improve access to high-quality health care and deliver infrastructure improvements. I will make securing our borders a priority and support pro-growth policies that put American workers first.

Our campaign is making tremendous progress every day. Please take a moment and sign up for email updates, volunteer or follow us on social media.

With your help, we’re going to win!


Nicole Malliotakis


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Nicole Malliotakis NEWS & EVENTS

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis Pushes for Congress to Reduce Wasted Spending and Avoid Increasing the Debt

In a recent FOX News appearance, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis appeared to discuss the spending on several infrastructure bills that are soon going to be put top a vote by Congress. During this appearance, Malliotakis points out that Congress not only has the “power of the purse”, but also the obligation to ensure tax dollars are […]

Nicole Criticizes Democrats for Not Prioritizing Infrastructure – FOX

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis made an appearance on FOX News to discuss the delay in passing a key infrastructure bill. This bill, which would provide billions of dollars in funding to help improve things such as roads and bridges, is mostly bipartisan in nature. However, as Malliotakis discusses, socialist members of the Democratic party are attempting […]

Nicole Malliotakis Appears on FOX to Discuss a Key Infrastructure Bill and the Dangers of Democrats Caving to the Socialists

In a recent appearance on FOX News, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis discusses the delay that took place in voting on a very important, billion dollar infrastructure bill. While this bill is bipartisan in nature, vocal Socialist members of the Democratic party are holding up the voting process by trying to get harmful policies, such as welfare […]

Nicole Malliotakis Weighs-In on Vaccine Mandates – News 12 The Bronx

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis recently made an appearance on News 12 The Bronx’s “Power and Politics” segment to give her thoughts on vaccine mandates. During her time on the show, Malliotakis revealed that she herself is vaccinated, and she has been doing her part to get as many of her constituents access to the vaccine as […]

Malliotakis Appears on FOX to Discuss the Hypocrisy of Socialism, AOC, and the Issues at the Border

Recently, Nicole Malliotakis made and appearance on FOX News to discuss some of the pressing topics and issues that are facing our country. During her time on the air, Nicole touched on the issues with migrants at the border attempting to enter the country illegally and the lack of action being take by both President […]

Malliotakis on FOX: NYC Needs to Focus on Funding Infrastructure in the Wake of Hurricane Ida

Last week, New York City was hit hard by the unexpected power of Hurricane Ida. For New Yorkers, the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in its wake is still fresh, and the flash flooding of Hurricane Ida was a reminder of how impactful this weather can be. However, it seems as if New York City […]

Varney: Malliotakis Helps Family Evacuate Afghanistan

The Congresswoman's office helped a Brooklyn woman and her three young children escape the Taliban.

Malliotakis Helps Family Evacuate Afghanistan

Nicole Mallitakis recently helped a family that was from Brooklyn, New York get out of Afghanistan and back into the United States. Over the course of the past week, the Taliban has taken control once again in Afghanistan following the exit of the United States military from the region, and in turn left many people […]

Malliotakis: Afghanistan Withdrawal Debacle a Result of Biden’s Inept Leadership

In July, President Biden said what happened this weekend in Afghanistan wouldn’t. @POTUS owes Congress and all Americans with answers as to what intelligence he based this on or did he ignore his military advisors and the intelligence community.