Nicole Malliotakis has always fought for Staten Island and Brooklyn. Here are a few of the many accomplishments Nicole achieved for her constituents:

In Congress:

  • In Congress, Nicole has secured over $66 million in funding to support local sewer infrastructure projects, educational initiatives and community organizations including the NYPD, St. George’s Theatre and area hospitals.
  • Nicole has helped over 17,000 constituents resolve complex cases, cut through government bureaucracy, and returned over $52 million in funding owed from federal agencies.
  • As a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Nicole was able to get the East Shore Seawall project back on track and ensure it will be fully funded to completion after years of delays and cost increases under her predecessor.
  • Nicole voted for bipartisan infrastructure legislation that’s already returned over $200 million to New York City to expand our sewer system, upgrade the Staten Island Ferry and subway stations, rehabilitate local expressways and purchase new school buses.
  • Nicole helped deliver over $54 million in federal funding for dredging projects in Staten Island’s Arthur Kill Terminal and Great Kills Harbor to support an offshore wind staging and assembly facility, improve boat safety and reduce shoreline flooding.
  • Nicole successfully stopped House Democrats from passing legislation to pack the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Nicole joined successful legal efforts to stop New York City from implementing non-citizen voting, end New York City’s vaccine passports, and overturn Biden’s private-sector vaccine mandate.
  • Nicole secured $1.2 million for U.S. Coast Guard Sector New York to make repairs to the base’s waterfront and $5 million to upgrade 154 legacy housing units. In addition, Nicole delivered the remaining funding needed to construct a state-of-the-art senior center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
  • Nicole saved the Brooklyn VA Medical Center from its proposed closure by the Biden Administration. She also delivered the funding to expand and renovate the parking facilities at the Ft. Hamilton Army Base.
  • Nicole drafted legislation to hold states with lax bail laws accountable and give judges the ability to consider dangerousness when setting bail.
  • Nicole introduced legislation to increase the federal standard deduction and cut taxes for more than 107 million Americans, including more than 350,000 households across Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn.
  • Nicole passed bipartisan legislation to cancel the migrant shelter at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field, led efforts to close the St. John’s Villa and Canterbury House migrant shelters, and has called on the City to restore cooperation with federal immigration officials to immediately deport criminal illegal aliens residing in New York City.
  • Nicole successfully led the bipartisan effort to halt the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Congestion Pricing Program and she is pushing for a full federal audit of the mismanaged public authority.
  • Nicole’s language securing catch-up payments for 9/11 widows and children through the United States Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund passed the House on September 30, 2022.

In the State Assembly:

  • Helped countless families recover after Superstorm Sandy
  • Delivered over 100,000 PPE during the COVID epidemic
  • Stopped Mayor de Blasio from putting heroin injection centers throughout our city
  • Got the Mayor to agree to deport illegal immigrant convicted of sex crimes from our city
  • After bringing up the issue of high property taxes, she got the Mayor to agree to set up a Property Tax Commission that is still analyzing our taxes and working to make them equitable
  • Helped deliver 151 Million Dollars in State funding for the East Shore Seawall
  • In her first term in the Assembly, Nicole restored local and express bus service that was lost under her predecessor
  • She was a leader in the public fight to get the Verrazano toll to $5.50 for residents in 2015 and it hasn’t increased since
  • She sued the Port Authority to force them to release records that showed they were greatly profiting from our 3 Staten Island Bridges, leading to a permanent discount plan which eventually led to the 3 trip discount plan
  • Successfully pushed back Mayor de Blasio when he tried to dismantle Specialty High Schools and Gifted and Talented Programs
  • At different times she fought to fight the closing of various Senior Centers and Fire Houses
  • Led the fight that eventually led to stripping the pensions of Elected Officials convicted of crimes
  • Fought for the permanent elimination of sales tax on clothing under $100.00 and won