Malliotakis: This is a Sham Trial

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis Speaks Outside New York Supreme Court, New York vs. Donald J. Trump

Malliotakis: We continue looking for ways to Ax the Congestion Pricing Tax

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis discussed the introduction of new legislation to prohibit Congestion Pricing.

Malliotakis: Stop Voting for Democrats Destroying Public Safety & Quality of Life

The lawlessness we see in New York City today is a direct result of policies put in place by Democrats. The solution is simple: stop voting for them!

Malliotakis slams the Biden administration for not sending planes to Israel to bring home American citizens

As Americans and New Yorkers, we unequivocally stand with the Israeli people in the face of this horrific acts of Iranian-backed terrorism of Hamas.

Malliotakis: ‘Squad’ Dem making ‘ludicrous’ excuse for pulling fire alarm

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis on her plan to introduce a resolution to expel Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm in House building

Malliotakis: We can pay our bills, reduce our debt & save taxpayers trillions

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis appeared on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the debt limit.

Malliotakis: Peter Daszak has a lot of questions to answer

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis on Fox News discusses former DNI Director John Ratcliffe testifying that a COVID lab leak is the 'only explanation' for the pandemic and why EcoHealth Alliance's Peter Daszak needs to testify before Congress.

Malliotakis: This was a ‘significant win’ for House in NY

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis discusses the Republican House seat flips in New York on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

Malliotakis: NY parole board’s release of 34 cop killers & other murderers is a disgrace

Malliotakis slams the Cuomo-Hochul appointed parole board’s release of 34 cop killers & other murderers and urges New Yorkers to elect Lee Zeldin to restore law & order and accountability.

Watch: Rep. Malliotakis on 48th Anniversary of Turkey’s Invasion of Cyprus

As we mark the 48th Anniversary of Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus, our allies in the Mediterranean face new threats by Erdogan.

Malliotakis: Biden’s Policy Should Be to Produce American Oil Not Beg for Saudi Oil

You don’t need to travel 11,000 miles and fist bump the Saudis. You can visit oil and natural gas producing states right here in the USA!

Malliotakis: Democrats’ Lawlessness At Border & In America’s Cities Jeopardize Americans’ Safety

Malliotakis discusses the Jose Alba case, Woke D.A. Bragg, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s refusal to fix bail reform and Biden’s open border policy.

Malliotakis: Biden’s Economic & Energy Policies are Hurting Americans

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis appeared on Fox News to discuss the state of the economy and its effect on Americans.

Malliotakis: Woke DA Bragg has it backwards; Bodega worker acted in self defense.

In Alvin Bragg’s NY, violent career criminals roam free while law abiding citizens left to fend for themselves like Jose Alba get punished. Governor Kathy Hochul should FIRE Backwards Bragg!

Malliotakis on Democrats’ Dangerous Push to Pack the U.S. Supreme Court

On Stephen Colbert’s show, AOC once again took a page out of the Hugo Chavez socialist playbook and called for packing the Supreme Court.

Malliotakis: NY Crime Will Soar Until We Elect Law & Order Prosecutors, Judges & Legislators

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss rising crime in New York.

Malliotakis: Biden Administration Dragging Their Feet Led to Baby Formula Shortage

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis calls out the Biden Administration on their response to the baby formula shortage.

Malliotakis Slams Biden for His Response to Ongoing Unrest in Cuba

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, a Cuban-American woman herself, appeared on FOX News to discuss the civil unrest in Cuba and her issues with the way that the Biden administration is interacting with the Castro regime.