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Dear Mayor de Blasio,

I am writing to tell you that requiring proof of vaccination to enjoy New York City’s restaurants, taverns, gyms, and indoor entertainment venues is un-American and just plain wrong.

Our nation was founded on an unwavering belief in freedom and personal liberty.  By creating two classes of people, those who are vaccinated and those who are not your policy violates these fundamental principles and creates even more divisiveness in our society.

For more than a year, New Yorkers have banded together to support one another and our local small business owners in the face of a worldwide pandemic.  Through great sacrifice, we collectively emerged from the lockdown and have just begun to achieve a sense of normalcy.  By implementing this draconian policy and making New York the first city in the nation requiring proof of vaccination to participate in society fully, you are ignoring the recommendations of federal health officials and taking us backward. When we should be building upon the progress we’ve already achieved.

Your decision is both an infringement on our rights as Americans and a further blow to the struggling small business owners who form that backbone of New York’s economy.  I urge you to reverse course and suspend this flawed policy immediately.


{Your Name}