A $3 Trillion Far Left Boondoggle

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Today, Congressman Max Rose followed the instructions of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and joined with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Jerry Nadler, Ilhan Omar and Adam Schiff to vote for a $3 trillion far left boondoggle that is bad for the nation, Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn.

“This legislation, as drafted by the House Democrats, isn’t so much a stimulus bill as it is a liberal election year wish list. It gives stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, releases prisoners over the age of 50 and makes drastic changes to how we vote; compromising the integrity of our election process.

“36 million Americans became unemployed during this pandemic. Our citizens are struggling to pay their rent, mortgage, and put food on the table. Small businesses face an uncertain future. The nation is taking on trillions in new debt.

“Congressman Rose needs to explain how he could possibly vote for legislation that will take money out of the hands of unemployed American citizens and turns it over to illegal immigrants, convicts and bureaucrats.”