Congressman Max Rose voted to support the rights of illegal immigrants to vote in local municipal elections. He also doubled down by speaking passionately against attempts made by Republicans to formally denounce illegal immigrant voting currently taking place in some municipalities.

Rose spoke on behalf of democrats against changing their “Voting Rights” bill H.R. 1’s language to include the strong statement that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States Citizen.” During his floor speech, Rose called attempts to include the language “a joke.”

Cities like San Francisco and multiple municipalities across Maryland currently allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. Proposals have been introduced in cities across the country including Boston and New York to allow non-citizens to vote as well.

First he voted to reduce the voting age to 16 years old and allow convicted felons to vote. Now he refuses to condemn the participation of illegal immigrants in elections. This is not in line with the views of the vast majority of Staten Islanders and residents of Southwest Brooklyn. Max Rose has now completely abandoned the commonsense rhetoric he used to get elected and is embracing the radical agenda being advanced by his party.



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