We Must Act!

Send Bill deBlasio an Email Now

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

I am contacting you to express my opposition to the decision to eliminate Columbus Day as a holiday recognized by New York City’s public schools.

Columbus Day is an official federal, state, and city holiday observed on the second Monday in October. It is also a day widely recognized as a celebration of Italian-American heritage.

The New York City Department of Education’s decision to secretly cancel Columbus Day, without any public notice or involvement clearly demonstrates the extent to which this was a politically motivated process that lacked the merit necessary to withstand public scrutiny.

I urge you to immediately restore Columbus Day to the New York City public schools’ calendar and prevent any future politically motivated interference in our children’s education.



Canceling Columbus Day Is Not OK

Bill de Blasio and the liberals at the New York City Department of Education are canceling Christopher Columbus. Even though Columbus Day is an official national, state and New York City holiday, it will no longer be recognized in our public schools.

Without any notice or public input, de Blasio and the Department of Education erased Columbus Day from the school calendar, even though it is widely recognized as a celebration of Italian-American heritage and an opportunity to teach our children about both Columbus and the contributions of Italian-Americans to our nation.

Please join me and click the link below to send an email to Mayor de Blasio demanding that Columbus Day be immediately returned to the public schools’ calendar. Let’s reject this attempt to allow liberal politics to infiltrate our children’s education.