When Bill de Blasio unveiled his misguided plan to close Rikers Island and build new jails across the city, Max Rose signed up. He said he supported replacing Rikers with jails in residential neighborhoods, even though we have rising crime affecting families in every corner of New York City. What a terrible idea!

Not only is their plan insufficient to house the number of inmates in Rikers right now, it would forever change the neighborhoods where the new jails will be located.

If you think Max Rose and Bill de Blasio are wrong for closing Rikers and making residential areas less safe, please sign my petition today.


Nicole Believes Closing Rikers Island is a “Grave Mistake”

Nicole Malliotakis called the decision by Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council to close Rikers Island and replace it with community jails is a “grave mistake” that will “increase crime in our communities and jeopardize the public safety of the very residents these councilmembers were elected to represent.”

Nicole believes, “Building jails in communities where families live, people work and children play is WRONG” and that “the $8 billion to fund a plan to build four jails could be used to improve Rikers and make it more humane and safe for inmates and officers.”


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