Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis recently made an appearance on News 12 The Bronx’s “Power and Politics” segment to give her thoughts on vaccine mandates. During her time on the show, Malliotakis revealed that she herself is vaccinated, and she has been doing her part to get as many of her constituents access to the vaccine as possible, even helping to to open pup-up vaccination clinics. She emphasized that it is the responsibility of lawmakers to give citizens as much information regarding the vaccine as possible and providing them with an opportunity to receive the vaccine should they choose to do so. However, Malliotakis ultimately came down against the idea of vaccine mandates, claiming that these decisions should be made between a person and their doctor, and that a blanket vaccine mandate would not be conducive for people with auto-immune diseases or with natural antibodies to whom receiving the vaccine is not a an option or necessity. She also went on to highlight the unfair treatment that certain businesses, namely restaurants, have faced in regards to restrictions and mandates that other businesses have not had to deal with under Mayor de Blasio.


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