New York State is Quickly Becoming a Sanctuary for Law Breakers

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “For months, my colleagues and I have pleaded with Governor Cuomo to call the State Legislature back to Albany to fix a misguided bail reform law that will lead to the release of individuals who have committed serious crimes back into our communities.

“This new law does not consider an individual’s criminal history or the threat they pose to public safety. This dangerous law will eliminate bail for individuals accused of committing serious and even violent crimes such as drug dealing, assault, aggravated assault of a child, strangulation, promoting prostitution of a child and criminally negligent homicide.

“Even though this law hasn’t taken effect yet, ramifications of its passage are already being felt. On Christmas Eve, an unlicensed driver struck and killed a 35-year-old mother of three in Rockland County and subsequently fled the scene.


“The suspect, who was later apprehended and confessed to the crime, was released without bail and told to return to court on January 9, as the Judge chose to use guidelines set forth under the new law.

“To make matters worse, local law enforcement has identified the perpetrator as an illegal immigrant; increasing the likelihood he will not return to court. The judge who exercised bad discretion, in addition to the Governor and legislators who supported this bail reform law, have failed us and must be held accountable. Additionally, Governor Cuomo must listen to the District Attorneys Association of New York and the law enforcement community and issue an executive order halting this law’s full implementation until the legislature returns to Albany to fix it.

“New York State is quickly becoming a sanctuary for law breakers; a place where a perpetrator who violated our federal immigration laws, disregarded our state laws and then fled the scene after killing a mother of three on Christmas Eve is released back onto the streets without so much as a slap on the wrist.”