End Gov. Cuomo’s Expanded Emergency Powers

Governor Cuomo has now extended the PAUSE until June 13, completely shutting down our region for another month. I disagree with this decision and believe, not only can we begin to reopen parts of our city now, but there is a major double standard being applied here. Affordable housing construction has never stopped and city sewer and transportation projects have resumed, in some cases with DOZENS of workers on site. Yet small businesses that conduct outdoor work such as construction, pool or fence installation and other home improvement jobs that require just a couple of workers remain shut down. To not allow them to get back to work is a decision that lacks consistency.

Additionally, the New York State Dental Association has said it has put in place enhanced safety protocols to protect their staff, their patients and themselves and are ready to return to work. Members of the Medical Society have indicated that procedures such as endoscopies, colonoscopies, joint injections, cystoscopies, biopsies, and gynecological office procedures can resume safely in an office setting, yet they are still prohibited.

While everyone’s priority is public health, we need to be reasonable in our approach and not conform to the belief that an overreaching government knows best for its citizens. People need to return to their livelihoods, so they can pay their bills and feed their families. These sectors are a good place to start.

I reiterate that the Speaker of the Assembly should call us back immediately to end Gov. Cuomo’s expanded emergency powers. It is past time to restore the traditional authorities given to the Legislature so we can represent our constituents as we were elected to do and have a say in the future of our state.