Last week, New York City was hit hard by the unexpected power of Hurricane Ida. For New Yorkers, the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in its wake is still fresh, and the flash flooding of Hurricane Ida was a reminder of how impactful this weather can be. However, it seems as if New York City did not learn the essential lessons the Sandy should have taught us. In its wake, Hurricane Ida left flash flooding and failed drainage systems, which some communities are still dealing with the after affects of. Subways were underwater and many New Yorkers had no safe way to return to their homes.

On FOX, Nicole Malliotakis discussed how important it is for New York City to be investing money into the city’s infrastructure. During her time on the air, Malliotakis called out that the city was spending money on things such as a stipend to discourage criminals from reoffending, while ignoring real structural issues that negatively impact NYC residents from all walks of life.

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