We Must Act!

Tell The Federal Government to Audit the MTA Now.

The chronically cash-strapped MTA is a “black hole” that should be audited before getting another dime from the government. We must “audit” the MTA’s use of federal bailout money.

To get this country back on track, we must stop wasteful spending and ensure the government acts responsibly with our money.  Help me start right here by demanding an independent audit of the MTA.

The Biden Open Borders Plan Needs to be Stopped.

Even if Joe Biden refuses to use the word crisis, that is what’s occurring at our southern border.  Because of Biden’s amnesty and citizenship plan, tens of thousands of migrants from Central America are streaming toward our border.  They are overrunning our Border Patrol and causing both a security and a humanitarian crisis.

Since Biden rolled back President Trump’s effective policies, illegal immigration has reached record levels.  In February, over 100,000 migrants attempted to enter the U.S., which is more than three times the amount for February 2020 and the highest monthly number in five years.

We must act!  Add your name to our call to stop the Biden Open Borders Plan.