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Statement by Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis on the A Train Derailment in Harlem

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Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “The mayor and the governor need to get together and work toward resolving this subway crisis. Delays, service interruptions and now derailments are making life miserable for commuters. If I were mayor, I wouldn’t shrug my shoulders and blame the governor. I would pick up the phone and call him and Joe Lhota, commit more money toward making the upgrades and come to a resolution to get the job done as timely as possible to replace the current signal system that is decades beyond its life-span.

“We need to be planning for the future of our transportation network to accommodate population and economic growth. The fact that the Mayor lacks leadership and continues to play the blame game while the subway system that runs throughout his city continues to fail leaving his citizens stranded is irresponsible and unacceptable.”

Statement by Nicole Malliotakis on London Terror Attacks, Israel & Counter-Terror Funding

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Malliotakis: de Blasio sacrificing Counter-Terror $$ for a Sanctuary City is a dereliction of duty.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Last night’s cowardly attack in London is a stark reminder of the constant threat that hangs over New York City. Our prayers and support are with the British people, just as they stood with us in the wake of 9/11.

“Today, I will march in the Celebrate Israel Parade as it heads up 5th Avenue. No nation has faced down terrorism like Israel. For much of its 7 decades of existence, Israel has dealt with attack after attack and it’s intelligence services, law enforcement and military devote huge amounts of manpower and financial resources defending against the actions of a few. Today, I join with New Yorkers as we applaud the people Israel; their strong and resilient spirit keeps democracy alive in a region of the world better know for strong armed leaders and repressive rule.

“As we march up 5th Avenue, we will be protected by the men and women of the NYPD. It is short sighted and, frankly, reckless that Bill de Blasio would even consider sacrificing federal counter-terror funding in his politically motivated and bull-headed defense of New York being viewed as a Sanctuary City; which protects individuals who have committed crimes such as grand larceny, sex abuse and patronizing a child for prostitution.

“If that isn’t bad enough, IDNYC, the city’s municipal ID card program, gives city IDs to individuals, including those who present easily counterfeited non machine readable foreign passports, while all the time planning to destroy copies of the substantiating documents after the municipal ID is issued; posing a direct risk to public safety.

“The primary role of any government is the protection of its people and for Bill de Blasio to sacrifice such a huge allotment of federal counter-terror funds is nothing less than a dereliction of duty that will leave New Yorkers at risk.

“The mayor of America’s greatest city must be willing and able to work with Washington, no matter which party is in power, so as to benefit the city and its people. As Mayor, I will fight to insure that New York City receives every cent of federal funding it needs and deserves and I will never put its citizens at risk by placing my personal ideological beliefs over their well being.”

Statement by Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis on the expected resignation of NYC Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte

“The resignation of Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte is long overdue. Bill de Blasio’s rationalization and excuses for Commissioner Ponte’s misdeeds is symptomatic of an administration with little regard and few controls over the time city officials spend, or more accurately don’t spend, doing the people’s business.

“This is a victory for all hard-working New York taxpayers who spend long hours working to pay the high salaries of Mayor de Blasio and his administration. I was proud to stand with the taxpayers on this issue.

“It’s time for NYC Comptroller, Scott Stringer, to do a full audit of who is using city vehicles and for what purpose and for the mayor to let city employees know that actions like Commissioner Ponte’s won’t be tolerated.”

Statement on receiving the endorsement of Assemblyman and future SIGOP Leader Ron Castorina

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“I am truly grateful and honored to have the endorsement of Ron Castorina – someone who is principled, independent and widely respected both in the New York State Assembly and across Staten Island. Working alongside Assemblyman Ron Castorina for the last year, there is perhaps nobody who knows my work ethic and passion to fight for my constituents better than he. Together we will continue to work on issues of government transparency, public safety and protecting the taxpayer’s hard earned money.”

Statement from Nicole Malliotakis on receiving the support of John Catsimatidis

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“I am humbled and grateful to my friend and mentor, John Catsimatdis for his support of my campaign for Mayor of New York City. John embodies all that is good about New York. He is a brilliant businessman and philanthropist and he is respected by everyone for his love of New York City. John Catsimadis’ support and guidance will be invaluable to me both on the campaign trail and when I reach City Hall.”

John Catsimatidis said, “Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is a talented and strong Republican woman. with her immigrant roots and her Cuban and Greek heritage she can relate to so many New Yorkers who are reaching for the American Dream.

“Her experience in the state legislature, her energy and her understanding of the issues make her a great candidate for Mayor.

“I wish her the best with her kick-off today and I will be merely a phone call away as her race for Mayor unfolds.”

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