You can vote from home in the Republican Primary Election for Congress on June 23rd.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, New York State is allowing everyone to vote from home by absentee ballot.

Every voter is eligible.

Just fill out the Absentee Ballot Application form by June 16th. Check “temporary illness” as the purpose for the request. And mail it to the Board of Elections office in your borough.

After you receive your absentee ballot and cast your vote, the absentee ballot must be mailed back to the Board of Elections. Your ballot must be postmarked by June 22nd to be counted.

If you have any questions about voting by absentee ballot or submitting your application for an absentee ballot this year, please call my office at xxxxx or email xxxxxx and we will get back to you right away.

This is one of the most important elections ever. We must stand with President Trump and elect a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives to end Nancy Pelosi’s reign as Speaker.

Make sure you send in your absentee ballot application today!