As the daughter of retired small business owners, Nicole understands the challenges entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. In the New York State Assembly, Nicole earned a reputation as a vocal opponent of burdensome regulations, red tape and taxes that make it difficult for businesses to survive and thrive in our communities.

Nicole believes the city should be investing in more vocational training, so that those who choose not to attend college can obtain a life skill, keep them off minimum wage, and build a career that can support themselves and their families.


Nicole attended New York City Public Schools from kindergarten through high school. She received a great education and she wants to make sure that every child in our city gets the quality education they deserve.

New York State spends $22,593 per student per year to educate our children, the most of any state in the nation and 87% above the national average.  But, when it reaches New York City, it doesn’t seem to make it to the classrooms.  A big chunk of money goes towards contracts and consultants! While, all the time, we hear about teachers paying for classroom supplies, students lacking up-to-date textbooks and technology and classes being held in trailers parked on the school playground. Simply put, it’s wrong and unacceptable.


Since Bill de Balsio took office, the homeless population in city run shelters has hit an all time high. Instead of addressing some of the core issues like substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, or lack of employment, Bill de Blasio is proposing to build 90 homeless shelters across the city in our neighborhoods.

Nicole rejects the idea of trying to hide the problem in your backyard.  She will address the root cause of homelessness and get these people the help that they need.


Nicole has voted AGAINST tax and fee increases 297 times, for a total of $20.3 billion.  She’s voted for tax CUTS 62 times, for a total of $9.8 billion.

Bill de Blasio, however, has shown a blatant disregard for the taxpayer, increasing spending by a whopping 20% during his short time in office, with few positive results.  Whether it’s property taxes, water bills, cash-grabbing traffic cameras, it seems the Mayor always has his hand in our pockets.

Nicole is a fiscal conservative who will watch over tax dollars wisely.  Our state government in Albany is currently restrained by a spending cap, and Nicole will implement the same restraint in New York City.


Nicole has been an advocate for better public transportation, fighting successfully to restore bus service to Brooklyn and Staten Island and speaking out against subway overcrowding and service delays. She has sued the Port Authority for lack of transparency and has taken on the MTA for its mismanagement and constant fare and toll increases. Unlike Bill de Blasio, Nicole won’t appoint MTA board members who rubber stamp the toll and fare hikes that cripple commuters and hurt small businesses but, instead, appointees who will challenge the status quo as she has in the Assembly.


During Bill de Blasio’s time in office, crimes like rape1, felony sex crimes2, identity theft3, felony dangerous weapon crimes4, felony criminal mischief5, and misdemeanor sex crimes6 have all increased.   In just this past year, human trafficking cases have increased 50%7.

Additionally, penalties for crimes like public urination and littering have been reduced, sending the wrong message to offenders and disrupting the quality of life for the rest of us.

Malliotakis opposes Mayor de Blasio’s plan to close Rikers Island and build jails across the five boroughs.


As the daughter of immigrants, Nicole understands the promise of the American Dream and has advocated for Washington to fix the broken immigration system that has left so many in the shadows.  Nicole has been leading the opposition against Bill de Blasio’s policy of protecting individuals who are here illegally and have committed crimes like Grand Larceny in the First Degree, Aggravated Identity Theft, Criminal Diversion of Prescription Medications and Prescriptions in the First Degree, Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree, and Aggravated Patronizing a Minor for Prostitution in the First Degree, among others, and risking millions in federal funding as a result.


Nicole has worked hard to improve Access-A-Ride services and has fought to protect funding for senior centers that are repeatedly under threat.  She would ensure that our senior centers are properly funded and our seniors get the services they need.


The funding budgeted by Bill de Blasio for the Department of Veterans Services is simply not enough.  It is truly shameful how military veterans, who have put their lives on the line to protect this country, are being short-changed.

Nicole would authorize the expansion of a property tax exemption for the city’s veterans, and implement a requirement that a portion of city contracts be awarded to veteran-owned businesses.


As the owner of two dogs, Peanut and Olympia, Nicole has co-sponsored many pieces of legislation that would protect those without a voice.  Shelter conditions must be improved, and the animals must be treated with dignity.  The city should be making more of an effort to find homes for animals and work toward eliminating euthanasia.


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