Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, said, “Bill de Blasio sure knows how to spend other peoples’ money. Whether its runaway spending in the city’s budget, or the runaway hiring of new bureaucrats, including; a ludicrous 264 special assistants to the Mayor, it ends up costing New Yorkers money.

“Now, after saddling the taxpayers with millions of dollars in legal fees related to local and federal investigations into his administration’s pay-to-play form of governance, he’s at it again. This time Mayor de Blasio is shaking down the taxpayers for $2.57 million in matching funds with the dubious claim that the he is facing a tough battle in the Democrat Primary.

“The matching funds program was created to provide a level playing field for candidates seeking office. If it turns out that the Mayor’s opponents in the Democrat Primary fail to qualify for the Campaign Finance Board’s matching funds program, he should return the $2.57 million to CFB and the taxpayers.”