Statement by Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis on the Conservative Party Endorsement

by Malliotakis on | Nicole Malliotakis

Nicole Malliotakis said, “I want to thank the Conservative Party for their endorsement today. I have carried their endorsement in every race I’ve run and for that I am very grateful. New Yorkers realize that after nearly 3 ½ years of Bill de Blasio’s so called progressive policies we have a high rate of homelessness, high taxes, an increase in rape and sex crimes, runaway spending and a city steadily slipping back to the ‘bad old days’. With the Conservative Party, I share strong support for the NYPD and all law enforcement in our city, fiscal sanity and an education policy that includes strong support for Charter Schools. Paul Massey (R-Larchmont) has contributed to Democrats like Bill de Blasio and Comptroller Scott Stringer because he thinks like a Democrat and shares their views. Our battle for the GOP nomination will be a debate about principles and policies and the principles I hold will lead us to victory.”

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