“On the Friday of Labor Day weekend Bill de Blasio released his long waited Op-Ed which was meant to defend his administrations ethically challenged forays into the pay-to play world of transactional politics. Frankly, his Op-Ed is a whole lot of nothing; he never names a contributor and never identifies a single project.

“Considering the scandals, the local and federal investigations and continued inquires from the media you would have thought Bill de Blasio would have much more to say. Whether it’s a laundry list of projects represented by mega lobbyist Jim Capolino or the Holmes Tower project, where a playground in a public housing project is about to be replaced by market rate housing, there is one constant; donations to the Bill de Blasio’s campaigns and non profits.

” Mayor de Blasio’s claims of transparency in City Hall are nothing more than empty promises. Between now and Election Day, I will remain relentless in calling on Mayor de Blasio for real answers, I hope the media will do the same.It’s been 470 days since Bill de Blasio promised answers. Until we get those answers the Bill De Blasio Count-Up Clock on my website will continue to count the days.”