Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Last night’s escape attempt is a perfect example of why Bill de Blasio’s ill-conceived plan to shut down Rikers Island is dangerous and wrong. Common sense tells most New Yorkers that an island surrounded by high fences, razor wire, swift currents and a nearly mile long bridge to the mainland is the perfect location for a jail. Last night NYC Correction Officers were able to lockdown access to the island until the escapee was apprehended.

“If this escape attempt had happened in one of Bill de Blasio’s proposed neighborhood jails we could have had an escapee running through the streets of our city, putting New Yorkers at risk. Instead the escapee was contained on Rikers Island until he was apprehended. As Mayor, I will keep Rikers Island open; while creating a comprehensive plan to upgrade and improve conditions at the facility. A decentralized jail system, spread out over 5 boroughs, simply doesn’t make sense on an economic, management or public safety basis. Rikers Island is the perfect place for New York’s jails; let’s keep them there.”