We Must Act!

Remove Ilhan Omar from the foreign affairs committee Now.

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis has taken a strong stance in the effort to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. She believes that Omar’s past statements and actions are not in line with the values and responsibilities of a member of this vital committee. In her leadership role, Malliotakis has initiated a petition to gather support for this cause. The petition aims to show the strength of public opinion on this matter and the urgency to act. If you share Malliotakis’s concerns, sign the petition today and join the fight.


Ilhan Omar Should Be Removed

1. Downplayed the 9/11 Terror Attacks

Rep. Omar downplayed the 9/11 terror attacks on New York’s World Trade Center as an instance where “some people did something.”.

3. Anti-Semitism & Support for BDS Movement

Rep. Omar has created controversy by making a number of anti-Semitic remarks. 


2. Blames America First

Rep. Omar stated that U.S. policies had, “helped lead the devastation in Venezuela” while not acknowledging the actions of socialist strongman Nicolas Maduro