New Yorkers Want to Know Cost of NYPD Security for Hamburg Junket

by Malliotakis on | Nicole Malliotakis

Will Mayor Serve Full Term in Office? -or- Does He Run for National Office?

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the presumptive Republican nominee in the race for mayor, today called upon Mayor Bill de Blasio to come clean with the taxpayers of New York City and release the cost of his NYPD security detail’s trip to Hamburg, as well as, the tab he’s run up on his personal and political trips over the past 3 ½ years. Malliotakis called the trips “the escapades of a politician in search of a national candidacy.”

Over the course of his term in office Bill de Blasio has jetted off to a variety of locations, including Presidential primary hot-spots Iowa and Vermont, and other locations for events not related to his official duties as mayor.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Now that Mayor de Blasio has returned from his visit to Hamburg and the G-20, City Hall must release an accounting of all trips made and their cost to the taxpayers, so we can fully understand how much and what New Yorkers are paying for. We need transparency, so citizens can see the cost of the NYPD security team, their airfare, lodging and any other expenses being picked up by the city. The political nature of these trips appear to be the escapades of a politician in search of a national candidacy.

“New York’s taxpayers are already footing the cost of close to $15 million legal fees for the mayor and his aides in the legal defense of his fundraising schemes to influence elections and build his national image.

“Over the past few days, New Yorkers have witnessed this misguided arrogance on full display as the Mayor jetted off to Hamburg, Germany in search of an audience willing to listen to a speech were he extolled the diversity of the riders of our subways, while failing to mention the crisis our transit system faces and the so called ‘summer of hell’ that starts today. The list of problems our city faces goes on and on; a 40% jump in the street homeless population, failing schools, the city run public hospitals which are hemorrhaging billions of dollars and the steady decline in the quality of life in our city as crime and grime return to our streets.

“Once again, Bill de Blasio demonstrated a total disconnect from reality by leaving a city in mourning the day after the assassination of a police officer, instead of encouraging and supporting 524 new officers at a police academy graduation. If a political leader can’t display leadership and focus on the job elected to do, why should New Yorkers vote to re-elect him or her in the first place?

“New Yorkers and the media need to ask Bill de Blasio a simple question; are you using City Hall as merely a soap box for a run for the 2020 national Democratic ticket.”

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