Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “With today’s CFB filing and my campaign qualifying for the CFB’s matching funds program, we open a whole new chapter in my campaign to retire Bill de Blasio. New Yorkers understand that Bill de Blasio has failed New York City and its residents, that’s why we are receiving the donations needed to turn this race into a competitive election.

“While I appreciate every donation I have received, I am especially touched by the small donations and endearing notes I receive from people like the senior citizen who is worried about the direction our city is headed or the school teacher who is so disturbed by the dysfunction at the Board of Education.

“In the weeks ahead we will define Bill de Blasio for what he is and how he has failed. Whether questions come from the media or the public, Bill de Blasio refuses to give answers. That is why today I am happy to say he will be required to debate me twice, giving me the opportunity to hold him accountable on behalf of all New Yorkers. I will continue my call for more debates in every borough so that the media and the residents of our city can get the answers they deserve.”