Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “There are few things more American than football. I am deeply disappointed that NFL players, who are living the American Dream, are showing such disrespect for our nation’s anthem and flag. The American flag is far more than a colored cloth; it represents our shared freedoms and honors those that have fought and died to preserve them.

“Among those freedoms is free speech. Thanks to our men and women in the military, NFL players have the right to express their personal political views anywhere; except for in their workplace – the football field. It would not be tolerated if your doctor or dry cleaner lectured you on their political beliefs every time you walked through their door or if your child’s teacher knelt or stepped out of the classroom during the pledge of allegiance. President Trump is right; the NFL should fire or fine those who disrespect both our flag and the millions of fans who ultimately pay their salaries.

“NFL players are Professional Athletes; it’s about time they acted professionally by leaving their personal political views in the locker room. Until that happens, sports fans can exercise their own rights by boycotting games and refusing to purchase NFL memorabilia.”

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