Malliotakis: de Blasio is Playing New Yorkers for Fools

by Malliotakis on | Nicole Malliotakis

While New Yorkers struggle with traffic, transit, and trash woes, de Blasio traipses off to Germany to protest.

As New Yorkers prepared for the “summer of hell” consisting of train delays, traffic at a stand still, an out of control homeless crisis and a rise in shootings that included the assassination of an NYPD police officer, Bill de Blasio left his post to join violent protesters in Germany. While our mayor is off fighting an ideological war, New Yorkers are left home to fend for themselves. de Blasio doesn’t care because he believes he will sail to re-election in November on the Democrat line.

Simply put – Bill de Blasio is playing New Yorkers for fools!

As Mayor, I will spend every waking hour working for the people of New York City. My agenda is simple – by treating the New York City taxpayer with respect instead of as an ATM, I will grow small business, create good paying jobs, invest in infrastructure and provide quality education for all our children. Most important, I will stand behind our police department and provide them with the tools they need to restore the quality of life in New York City.

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