We need to get back to the basics of city government and, one of the responsibilities of any mayor is to invest in the infrastructure to deal with population and economic growth. -Nicole

Better Public Transportation

Nicole has been an advocate for better public transportation, fighting successfully to restore bus service to Brooklyn and Staten Island and speaking out against subway overcrowding and service delays. She has sued the Port Authority for lack of transparency and has taken on the MTA for its mismanagement and constant fare and toll increases.

Nicole has been sounding the alarm on the need to upgrade subway signals which is the main cause for the roughly 70,000 delays NYC’s commuters experience monthly. Other cities such as Paris, London, Vancouver, and San Francisco have made the investment. Unlike Bill de Blasio, Nicole will extend a hand to Governor Cuomo and work in partnership to find funding sources to make these upgrades. Also unlike Bill de Blasio, Nicole won’t appoint MTA board members who rubber stamp the toll and fare hikes that cripple commuters or capital plans that don’t provide enough for New York City’s transit system. Instead, Nicole’s appointees will challenge the status quo as she has in the Assembly.

Smart Light Technology

As mayor, Nicole will initiate a plan to convert New York City’s aging traffic grid to one that uses Smart Light technology to facilitate traffic flowing and reduce emissions. The plan could cost $1 billion dollars if all of the City’s traffic signals can be converted.

Smart Light Technology combines traditional traffic lights with high tech sensors and artificial intelligence to create a traffic control system that measures traffic flow and instantaneously adjusts the timing of the traffic lights to manage changing traffic patterns, ease congestion and reduce accidents and emissions. Assemblywoman Malliotakis called the technology, “a step into the 21st Century that most New York City motorists would feel is long overdue.”

According to the New York City Department of Transportation’s website – as of June 30, 2011, there were 12,460 intersections with traffic signals citywide, including 2,820 in Manhattan, 1,605 in the Bronx, 4,371 in Brooklyn, 3,119 in Queens and 545 in Staten Island.

Over the years, New York City has initiated several pilot projects to increase traffic flow. In 2009, Smart Light technology was installed at the intersection of Victory Boulevard at the entrance to the College of Staten Island, which, at the time, was a notoriously congested intersection. Since that pilot program, NYC DOT with the support of the Borough President’s office and the Staten Island Council delegation, installed Smart Light technology at 6 more Staten Island intersections:

  • Victory Boulevard at the West Shore Expressway
  • South Avenue at the West Shore Expressway and Chelsea Road
  • South Avenue at the Staten Island Expressway
  • Boscombe Avenue by entrance of Korean War Veterans Parkway
  • Clove Road at the Staten Island Expressway
  • Richmond Road and Targee Street at Staten Island Expressway

Assemblywoman Malliotakis wants to expand the use of this technology throughout the city with Staten Island and Queens being prioritized due to of their dependency on private vehicles. 84% of Staten Island households and 64% of Queens households own at least 1 car.

A Malliotakis Administration will utilize new and innovative ways to ease traffic flow to make New Yorkers lives easier and less stressful. Smart lights makes sense and are long overdue.

New York City is famous for its traffic; whether its holiday season gridlock in midtown, after school jam-ups on Staten Island or motorist filling Queens Streets as they approach the entrance ramps to the Ed Koch-59th Street Bridge. City motorists and bus riders know to allot extra travel time for sitting in traffic. New York City ranks 2nd in the nation for road rage – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Smart Light technology is currently keeping traffic flowing at 7 locations on Staten Island.

Malliotakis has long opposed the use of speed, red light and bus lane cameras because of their punitive nature, believes that the expansion of Smart Light technology to facilitate traffic will allow ticket generating traffic cameras to be phased out. Until that time she will use the revenue generated by traffic cameras to offset the cost of the Smart Light installation.

According to a report issued by Comptroller Scott Stringer, revenue generated by traffic cameras was $96 million in 2016. The remaining funds for the installation would come from restructuring the $1.6 billion that the de Blasio administration earmarked for “Vision Zero”.

The Priority List

Malliotakis would put the following problem intersections on the priority list for Smart Light installation:

Staten Island

  • Arthur Kill Road at Richmond Valley Road
    Forest Hill Road and Richmond Hill Road
  • Victory Boulevard to turn onto Richmond Avenue
  • Forest Avenue at Richmond Ave/Morningstar Road
  • Victory Boulevard at Slosson Avenue
  • Victory Boulevard at Clove Road
  • Clove Road at Forest Avenue
  • Bay Street at Victory Boulevard
  • Bay Street at Water Street
  • Richmond Terrace at Clove Road
  • Richmond Road at Narrows Road North
  • Narrows Road North at Clove Road


  • Queens Boulevard and Long Island Expressway
  • Metropolitan Avenue and 60th Street
  • Metropolitan Aveune and Fresh Pond Road
  • Brookville Boulevard and Rockaway Boulevard
  • Hillside Avenue and Hollis Court Boulevard
  • 101st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard
  • Farmers Boulevard and Rockaway Boulevard
  • Cypress Avenue and Vermont Place
  • 46th Avenue and Utopia Parkway
  • 210th Street and 64th Avenue
  • Brookville Boulevard and Rockaway Boulevard
  • Atlantic Avenue and Van Wyck Expressway
  • Farmers Boulevard and Rockaway Boulevard
  • Queens Boulevard and Woodhaven Boulevard.
  • College Point Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue
  • Woodhaven Blvd and Union Turnpike

Nicole for NYCNewsroom

Nicole Malliotakis For Sale Sign City Hall
November 03

Malliotakis Hangs For Sale Signs on City Hall Fence

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis held a Friday morning news conference on the street by the entrance to the City Hall grounds, where she hung FOR SALE signs on the wrought iron fence that surrounds the property.

Nicole Malliotakis MTA PBA Endorsement
November 02

MTA Police Benevolent Association Endorses Malliotakis for Mayor

During the endorsement, MTA-PBA President Michael O’Meara said, “unlike Bill de Blasio, Nicole Malliotakis truly cares about working with our Governor to fix the problems that are affecting MTA.”

November 01

Malliotakis Campaign Releases New TV Commercial titled ‘I Love New York’

The campaign of Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the common sense alternative to Bill de Blasio in the race for mayor, released a new TV commercial titled I Love New York. Watch it now.

October 31

Statement by Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis on Today’s Terror Attack

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “New Yorkers are strong and resilient and we will unite against terror. We stood shoulder to shoulder on September 11, 2001 and we will stand together after today’s attack that killed eight innocent people and injured many more…”

Nicole Malliotakis NY Post Endorsement
October 29

The NY Post endorses Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor

“Her record shows she has the experience, the intelligence and the integrity to assemble a team of honest and capable people whose focus will be on policy, not fund-raising. New York simply can’t afford four more years of Bill de Blasio’s mismanaged pay-to-play government. Nicole Malliotakis offers a real and hopeful alternative.”

October 29

Statement by Nicole Malliotakis on the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

“On the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Sandy (2015), Mayor de Blasio came to my Assembly district and announced that all home reconstruction would be completed by the 4th anniversary (2016). Here we are two years later…”