Nicole has voted AGAINST tax and fee increases over 300 times, for a total of over $20 billion and has voted for tax CUTS over 60 times, for a total of nearly $10 billion.

Bill de Blasio, however, has shown a blatant disregard for the taxpayer, increasing spending by a whopping 22% during his short time in office.

Whether it’s property taxes, water bills, cash-grabbing traffic cameras, it seems the Mayor always has his hand in our pockets. The worst part of it is, we are paying more and getting a worse quality of life with homelessness, transit, traffic and litter going unaddressed.

Nicole is a fiscal conservative who will watch over tax dollars wisely. Our state government in Albany is currently restrained by a spending cap, and Nicole will implement the same restraint in New York City. Instead of throwing more money at problems, Nicole will reconfigure how current funding is being spent to maximize positive results.

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